Learning and Training for new Job Skills guarantees a successful career

You should never stop learning. Whether a new job seeker, or currently employed and looking to push your career forward, making the choice to undergo skills training is always a positive step, and always has a positive outcome.

Welcome to the Job Skills and Search website. If you are a jobseeker we can enable you to develop and promote yourself and your skills, while if you are an employer wanting to make sure your job vacancies reach the right mix of candidates we can save you valuable time and money. Whether potential employer or employee, you will benefit from an open and honest culture where everyone is encouraged to think creatively to provide effective solutions to staffing requirements.

The Job Skills and Search website is a generalist employment search and skills learning portal. We aim to provide individuals and organisations with a range of options covering permanent, contract, temporary and fixed term positions and staff on a worldwide basis. Our ethos is centred upon providing free of charge, thoroughly professional, added value services to clients and candidates alike. For us, success is when both the candidate and the company see the placement as an excellent opportunity well taken.

Here at the Job Skills and Search website we can identify professionals at all levels and across all mainstream skill bases for short or long term assignments. This service can be provided on demand to cover specific resource shortfalls or to augment existing skill bases in-house. We offer this service free of charge.

And by working with a broad range of recruitment consultancies, from recent start-up agencies to global recruitment players, we aim to ensure job seekers get the right opportunities for their continued career growth. Get in touch for fresh answers to your recruitment questions.

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This website has nothing to do with the Jobs Next Door interactive careers tool set up by the East London Business Alliance for 18-24 year olds in Tower Hamlets.

For more information on Jobs Next Door, please contact ELBA directly at info@elba-1org.uk, or visit their website at http://www.elba-1org.uk.

You can also telephone them on 020 7068 6950.